3 Wedding Day Tips & Tricks

Planning a wedding should not be an exercise in stress management. EVER.  A friend of Cyn Shea’s once shared a simple Tibetan Proverb with us “If the problem can be solved, there’s no use in worrying about it. If the problem can’t be solved, there’s no use worrying about it.” Yes, there will be etiquette dilemmas and unexpected expenses pop up that will have to be handled delicately, but your wedding day will arrive! No one can guarantee it will be bump-free, no matter how much planning you do… so skip the stress!  That said, there is no harm in implementing a couple of fail-safe plans ahead of time to give you a little peace of mind:

When choosing your caterer, venue, and other vendors don’t go with the lowest bids.  Instead carefully select vendors with good reputations, because they are the experienced professionals that have seen it all and will handle anything that may possibly pop up.

Make (or Order) a “Wedding Box” for day of accidents! They contain essential items for the “Uh-Oh’s” that can occur pre-ceremony or during the reception. Put them in the Bridal, Groom, and Guests bathrooms. From bug spray and sunscreen to bobby pins, floss, and deodorant, each box is conveniently located for whoever may need a quick hand with any little mishap.

Place someone in charge you trust the day of who knows how to be discreet and handle situations. Confirm they feel comfortable in that role. Be sure to communicate with your vendors, family and bridal party who this go-to person is and let them handle whatever circumstances may crop up.

Remember taking these 3 steps can allow you to focus on what is really important, the true purpose of your day – celebrating with your forever mate!

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