Serving Hope

Serving Hope

by Cyn Shea's

Serving Hope

Since 1995, Cyn Shea’s has served the community as a premier catering company, and a multi-award winning restaurant, coffeehouse, and gourmet rustic bakery.

However, the company’s greatest role is still being revealed.  Cyn Shea’s founder, Cynthia Shea Hart, is embracing a new direction, moving the company beyond success to significance, by organizing the cafe as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization called, Serving Hope, Inc.  This new chapter has to do with living and working beyond the immediate and involves sharing our talents and skills in food service & hospitality with others – and receiving the personal joy that comes as a result of that investment in the community of Huntsville and its people.

Serving Hope believes Jesus Christ is the foundation of community and we are called to share His teachings through word and action.  Serving Hope is a 7-month employment and life skills curriculum that develops good character, self-confidence and dependable work ethics by mentorship in the workplace and community.  Understanding God’s design for work, Serving Hope students grow in faith while realizing the importance of life-long learning, thus bridging together Huntsville’s wealthy and poor for true community revitalization.

The Serving Hope goal is simple:  To love well, instill hope and teach a new work skill set for long lasting employment in Huntsville’s fast-growing food and hospitality industry.  Serving Hope empowers individuals by providing resources and life-strategies needed to effect change in their own home and communities.  Lessons from creating the Farm to Table experience in gardening and farming, to personal grooming and workplace etiquette, and building values and relationships through volunteering are only the beginning. Participants are also learning about finances and banking for family prosperity while instilling versatile culinary craftsmanship, and finally, upon completion of the program, achieving the Nationally recognized ServSafe Certification.  This “hands-up” approach prepares students for work readiness while creating a strong equality-based economic development for Huntsville.

Cyn Shea’s
has had the privilege of serving Huntsville for more than two decades with much success, giving all the glory and honor to God.  The future shines even brighter, with His guidance as the new mission, Serving Hope, Inc. impacts lives for Huntsville’s greater community and service.

Serving Hope

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